Itelite MULTIPAT 5019/14


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Built for professionals this RF design ensures your video feed is transmitted reliably over the 5GHz band at extreme distances or for cutting through crowded wireless environments. The antenna provides an extremely robust directional signal that will ensure that your video signal arrives uninterrupted. 
ITElite antenna is a 5GHz MIMO panel antenna designed for use with Radios from these manufacturers:


Cinegears ghost-eye wireless 

  • Ikan blitz
  • Arri camera systems
  • Came TV
  • Boxx Meridian
  • Swit
  • HollyLand Screenlink
  • Shining Technology Suv


  • 2x14 + 3x19 dBi Directional Gain
  • Highest Ingress Protection IP 66
  • High Quality Construction
  • H, V, H, +45, -45 Polarizations in One Case
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Elements
  • Easy Elevation and Tilt Adjustment
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Designed for All Weather Operation