ZKTeco Facial Recognition Terminal with Fingerprint Reader, for 1200 Faces and 1500 Fingerprint Templates MB-160


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The MB160 is an innovative device for time management and employee assistance. It supports verification methods through the face, fingerprint, password, and combinations of the above in addition to basic Access Control functions.
User verification in less than 0.5 seconds.

Common Application:

  • Time management and employee assistance.
  • Access Control.


Time & Assistance:
  • ADMS Ready. The MB160 is ready to work with TIMEWEB 2.0, allowing the easy management of employees in remote sites in a centralized way.
  • Verification mode through the face, fingerprint or both combined.
  • Face enrolling directly on the device.
  • Check in and check out records
  • Fingerprint enrolling directly on the device or remotely via software (Requires ZK4000 o ZK7500).

Access Control:
  • Relay output.

  • Alarm output to generate programmed audible alarms.

  • Request to exit button input.

Printer (optional):
Compatible with EPSON and RONGTA serial printers
The ticket format cannot be modified.
It possible to choose which elements will be printed.
  • Company name
  • User ID
  • Name
  • Punch Time
  • Punch State
  • Device ID
  • Print Time
  • Verification Mode
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